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The practice of collecting customer reviews, analyzing them and publishing them as reports for consumption by consumers started way back before the Internet became widespread. During those days, reviews were used to develop content for the Consumer Reports Magazine, which educated consumers on the quality, reliability, pricing and respect for warranties of products and services. With the growth of e-commerce today, customer reviews have become more common. People shop online and this has also caused a rapid increase in the number of websites that are set up to do customer reviews. Social media platforms have also become common spaces where people talk about their experiences with different products or services. This is a positive move though because consumers are able to us reviews to learn about the pros and cons of the products and services they consumer. The writing industry would also benefit immensely if students who consume writing products get the space they need to talk about their experiences.

This is extremely necessary because each day, students are taking chances with writing services whose background and experiences they know little about. Many of them have become victims of scammers who choose to ride on their desperation to make quick money without caring about their need for quality, original work. Many students have been hurt by their actions and are left struggling to complete academic assignments after losing money to unscrupulous companies that make promises that they are not careful to keep.

What we do

Through, we encourage students to share such experiences by writing reviews that either warn people about the quality of services that some writing companies offer or encourage them to take up services that other companies offer because of their quality, pricing and support. We therefore accept reviews from anyone who has made use of writing services at any point so we can know which writing companies are really credible and help other people know about them.

Like the Consumer Report Magazine, we take time to compile reports based on the customer reviews that are sent our way. In these reports, we rank writing companies according to their performance so that it becomes really easy for anyone to find a reputable company by just looking at the ranking. We determine the performance of a writing company by rating it on a scale that captures the qualities that students really find important. Such include meeting deadlines, cost, customer support and quality. After determining the performance of each company, we rank them numerically so that the best performing companies are ranked at the top of the list. We feature this list in our reports including the reviews from customers plus information that we capture through our research. This information is important when it comes to identifying the best writing companies.

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Added Information also gives students an opportunity to see how different top writing companies work by including video clips that show their processes and procedures. You can view those clips below and also access their websites easily through the links we have provided below.